Ski lifts ( 4 / 5 Ski lifts in service )
La Lorette
La Chaux
Le Chapelet
La Vuardette
Opening hours of the main ski lifts : 09:30:00 up to 16:00:00
Slopes ( 12 / 14 Open slopes )
La LoretteLa Combe des Six-NierLa ChauxTessune
Le StadeL'ArêteCombetteLa Vuardette 1
Le BotzaLa NoireBabyLa Vuardette 2
Le ChapeletLa Rouge
Slopes conditions :
Snow cover conditions : mainly : powder / partly : hard
Skiing up to the resort : Main conditions : good / partly : good
Arrival altitude : 1595m
Cross country skiing
La RareLa Rare
Network of trails for altitude cross country skiing1339 up to 1437 m
Cross country skiing trail conditions classic : closed for season
skating : closed for season
Le Vieux-VichèresLa Combe de l'ALes DaimsLe Guide
Plan BeuPlan Monnay
Snow hikes : Departure altitude : 1350
Conditions : closed for season
Le ChapeletBar des Neiges
Danger level

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